Chander Jain Caterers

WHEN YOU'VE GOT A BIG EVENT TO PLAN, WHETHER IT'S A WEDDING, BIRTHDAY PARTY, OR CORPORATE EVENT, AND HUNDREDS OF GUESTS ARE COMING, THE FOOD AND DRINKS NEEDS TO BE PERFECT, BUT YOU'VE GOT NO TIME TO EVEN THINK ABOUT THE PREPARATION. THAT'S WHEN YOU NEED TO HIRE A GOOD CATERER, WHO EMPLOY THE SERVICES OF THE BEST CHEFS AND COOKS is a trustworthy, professional, and complete service provider for all party occasions. Our All-in-One party solution meets your each and every need, from Catering, Banquet, Party Hall, Conference Room and Decoration to Complete set-up and Entertainment.

No need to look for multiple vendors, multiple quotations, or multiple negotiations. Connect with Team "CJC" & get guaranteed top-class services under one roof.

MAKE EVERY FUNCTION A MEMORABLE ONE. has been satisfying it's customers for the past many years. We will create a special day for any given occasion in any given circumstance. We commit ourselves to growing in the Indian Catering Industry with regards to quality and service which we are committed to deliver. is renowned for their ability to host large, up market as well as personal private functions.

Everyone loves to eat, that's a fact. Think about when you hosted your last dinner party. You wanted the food and drinks to be delicious and plentiful and your guests to walk away feeling satisfied.